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AACE offers programs in the following areas: 

At AACE we offer a variety of programs ranging from workforce training to community enrichment. To enroll in any of our academic courses contact our office to schedule an intake and assessment appointment. For our enrichment program click on the link that will take you to Community Enrichment. To have us come to your site to talk about the different programs we offer contact our office and schedule an in-person or zoom information session.


Open Enrollment


In-Person Classes Available


Online Classes Available

Workforce Training Opportunities

Workforce Training Opportunities change regularly. Visit to view our Workforce Training opportunities for the current term.

Teacher with Students
University Student_edited.jpg
Managing Finances
Office employee
Working on a Computer
A Woman Writing at Home
Office worker
Young Teacher
Working at Open Space
Smiling Nurse
Pink Uniform Doctor
Male Nurse
Similing Team
Smiling Nurse
maxresdefault (1).jpg
Sign Language
Female Nurse
Young Nurse
Woman in Office
Checking Blood Pressure
Girl at the Dentist
Nice Nurse
Choosing PVC Pipes
Business Owner in Workshop
Coffee Shop Owner
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