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Thankful, Grateful & Blessed

My name is Kelli Gilzow Stowell. My path back to Adult Education has been a fruitful one. As the Enrichment & Workforce Coordinator, I come to Augusta with energy that illuminates and inspires collaborations among the community.

Arriving at the height of a new quarter has been a whirlwind. As like many schools we are understaffed and yet have welcomed over 25 new students to our lengthy roster! This is not only exciting to see so many begin but return and shuffle along their journeys of learning.

Teachers and students are settling quite nicely into our new quarters here at the Buker Community Center. We've successfully collaborated with Augusta Child Care for child watch services. Allowing for our students with young children to receive on-site attention from Child Care staff, while parents attend their classes.

A nation-wide program conversion of HiSet, had official testing on hold, but we are excited to report that our staff have successfully implemented testing here on-site as well as at Kennebec County Correctional Facility. In addition, we have successfully completed our first Substitute Teacher Training of the school year for Augusta School Department and another is scheduled for December 15th!

And least, we cannot forget to mentioned, we proctored our first of what's to come in 2023; our first CNA Exam for the Maine Veterans Home!

A successful first Blessings Party was held on Tuesday, November 22nd with the help of Augusta Parks and Recreation's assistance.

Staff served students, friends and family members. Pies donated from the students at Capital Area Technical Center's culinary program helped fill the buffet line. Multi-cultural entrees, drinks and desserts - all made with love - filled bellies as well as take-home containers.

Across the nations that our students' derive; Thanksgiving is not celebrated as it is here in the U.S. Sharing an opportunity such as a Blessings Dinner, encourages all of us to come together with food as the common denominator, as a reminder that each one is truly a blessing.

Our coloring contest populated 148 entries. Our Adult Education students and staff voted and chose one winner from the PreK-1st Grade and another 2nd-5th Grade age groups. Students picked up their Winner Winner Turkey Dinner baskets, courtesy of Emery's Meat & Produce of Gardiner, on Tuesday, November 22nd.

As we look to the month of December, we have jam-packed few weeks of learning planned before the Holiday break. We hope that you will take advantage of our continued learning opportunities!

Check out the online course catalog;

Reminder: Classes here at AACE are on a rolling enrollment, so although some classes state 'already begun', you are able to enroll!

We will be CLOSED Thursday & Friday in Observance for Thanksgiving!

"Be Present in all things and Thankful for all things" -Maya Angelou

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