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Straight to the Core!

Core Values: While we are trained to be taught to read, count, and use scientific words, It's been a realization among educators that we are also learning something more important - how to live life as a curious person.

Curiosity is contagious. Have you ever found yourself seeking more information about something you've heard on the radio or in conversation among friends. Sometimes our inability to know right away is the perfect learning opportunity to investigate and then share your own findings the next time the topic comes around.

There is adventure around every corner. Whether you are at the beach, the pet shop, or just in his own neighborhood, always look to discover something new. Ask a million questions!

Be grateful for others. Taking just a few minutes to say thank you for someone's time, sharing little messages or notes with others delivering a message of happiness ripples into a smile which like a yawn, is miraciously contagious! Give it a try!

Curiosity is messy! This lesson might be more for me but a lot of learning is done through experimenting, and asking those important “what happens if…” questions. I’ve learned to let go a little bit when playing, cooking or crafting. While the sun is shining, find your way outside and discover something new.

Life is a party! You are the honorary guest! Celebrate every success, even when mistakes were made along the way. Celebrate every little win, whether big or small. You name it - any success is worthy of a celebratory trip to the park or a living room dance party!

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