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High School Completion

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been out of school for two months or twenty years, we have an option that will work for you. At AACE we use a learning lab* model to provide individual instruction no matter what subject you’re working on, or what level your knowledge and skills are at. We work with all sorts of people in a variety of life circumstances. We know that it’s tough coming back to school as an adult, and we will work with you to develop a schedule that meets your needs.

*We use a learning lab model for most of our high school completion courses. This means that most classes don’t start or end on a specific week; there is course content that you’re responsible for completing, and skills you need to build, and you can do that at your own pace. It also means that there are many different times during the week that you can come in to work on a specific subject, rather than one regular meeting time that may not work for you.

We also have remote options if taking classes from home is a better fit for you.

Depending on how many high school credits you have from previous experiences, what your goals are after high school, and your current skills and content knowledge, either the high school diploma option or the HiSET® equivalency exam option may be better for you. Our Academic and Career Advisor, Tekia Cox, will work with you to determine which pathway is better during our intake and orientation process.

We also offer credit recovery courses for high school students who need one or two extra credits to graduate on time.

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